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Staff in retail stores have plenty of free time to play games

One of the greatest frauds in the indian internet sector, is how google, tata are ruthless in ridiculing and defaming indian paypal holders working from home, falsely claiming that it is very simple work, which anyone can do.
In reality writing is extremely tedious and mentally strenuous, the writer has to sit in front of the computer and concentrate on the writing work, else there will be plenty of errors
On the other hand, working in a retail store, with few customers is not very taxing mentally and physically.
Most of the time, the staff will be free, only when the customer is making payment or asking for a product, they will have to concentrate and ensure that there are no mistakes
Hence in their free time, the staff of the retail store is free to play mobile games, entertain themselves and relax

Drivers have plenty of time to play mobile games

One of the jobs with plenty of free time is working as a driver for a family
The driver’s services are required only for a few hours a day, the rest of the day, the driver is free
So the driver is asked to wait outdoors, and when his services are required, he will be called
Typically the drivers are paid Rs 12000 monthly in panaji, goa
So in their free time, they are spotted playing games on their mobile

In contrast doing writing work is very mentally strenuous and the writer has very less free time to play games, relax or chat with others, and the income is also very less. Yet the government continues with its writing fraud showing its lack of humanity

Indian government allows SOCIOPATH ntro employees waste Rs 4 crore annually playing their favorite game of mentally torturing, defaming the engineer they hate

Permainan kartu yang kita kenal dulu sebagai permainan situs judi online ini, tentu saja adalah sebuah permainan yang menggunakan kartu gaple yang berjumlah 28 buah itu. Tapi tidak dalam permainan judi qq yang satu ini. Dalam permainan online yang ini kita hanya bermain maksimal 8 orang dalam 1 meja. Dengan awal masing masing permain di berikan kartu 3 buah, dengan 1 kartu tambahan pada putaran kedua games berlangsung

NTRO employees wasting Rs 4 crore of taxpayer money annually playing their favorite game of CRIMINALLY DEFAMING, TORTURING harmless single woman engineer who they HATE
In one of most expensive games, the indian government is allowing NTRO employees led by mhow cheater puneet waste Rs 4 crore annually to destroy the life of his btech 1993 ee classmate who he HATES
In a clear example of indian government inefficiency and abuse of power, the the indian government is allowing NTRO employees led by mhow cheater puneet waste Rs 4 crore annually to destroy the life of his btech 1993 ee classmate who he HATES for the last 10 years without questioning him why he is wasting taxpayer money for his personal hatred of a harmless private citizen
The engineer is a private citizen, there are many domain investors in india, she should be left alone, yet the ntro employees are allowed to waste taxpayer money to monitor all her activities including bathrooms, hacking her laptop and criminally defaming her

Expensive hardware for gaming

Recently the domain investor went to a store to purchase a keyboard, since ntro is hacking any keyboard purchased online
She found that the store was stocking a lot of gaming related hardware.
While the domain investor does not have any free time, those who play games have plenty of free time and money to purchase expensive gaming hardware and also play games.
The specifications of the gaming hardware is far better than that of the standard computer used by the domain investor, mainly for typing.

Young man kills father over PUBG game

Though the domain investor cannot understand why some people enjoy playing mobile games so much, it appears that many people, especially young people are addicted to playing the mobile games.
They are so engrossed that they forget about all other activities.
Sometimes their parents may reprimand them about wasting their time in playing games, which offends the young people.
The newspapers recently reported that a young man killed his father over a PUBG game.

Goldman Sachs senior executive arrested for fraud to pay gaming debts

It appears that many senior people invest a lot of money playing games
Some time ago, it was reported that a Goldman Sachs senior executive arrested for fraud to pay gaming debts
he had illegally transferred funds of Rs 38 crore from the company account to his personal account.

He had incurred larger debts playing online poker. These companies pay their employees good salaries, yet they do not have systems in place to prevent abuse of power

Escape room, escape games content available

Escape rooms and escape games are becoming increasingly popular worldwide since they allow avid gamers to be part of a real life adventure

Content on escape rooms has been provided for multiple clients like
Missionescape games, New York and other places in USA
Escapehour, Canada
Can write about the escape game theme, design, rules, private, public escape rooms, game master and other aspects
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For gujju officials, real estate, BANKING FRAUD in panaji, is a game which they win at any cost

Though the income tax returns, will legally prove that the gujju officials in panaji like parekh, nikhil sha, parmar are involved in a real estate,BANKING fraud for the last 10 years, it appears that they do not face any professional or social censure for their BRAZEN FRAUD, LIES, no one questions them.

these panaji gujju officials are shameless LIARS, FRAUDS, HYPOCRITES who pretend to be very honest and patriotic when they are hopeless SEX ADDICTS who are ruining the reputation of india, with their endless frauds and lies
When they hopelessly addicted to SEX with a gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife naina chandan,can nikhil sha, parmar, parekh, justify in an open debate why they are FALSELY CLAIMING that naina, their SEX partner is an experienced engineer, why are the gujju officials not honest that they have regular SEX with a kolhapur born school DROPOUT naina chandan

Now that they have got the gujju SCHOOL DROPOUT panaji SEX queen naina chandan a cbi job with monthly salary for having regular SEX with them, the unpatriotic liar gujju officials are now involved in a real estate fraud in panaji, FALSELY CLAIMING that panaji sex queen naina chandan’ s lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil who have almost no legal source of income and no proof of payment, own the house of the domain investor to get the panaji sex queen’s sons raw/cbi jobs at the expense of the domain investor

This is posted as a fraud alert, the panaji gujju officials like parekh, nikhil sha, parmar are LIARS, who should not be trusted

Only those who have plenty of free time can play games

While writing an article on escape rooms and escape games, the domain investor realized that only those who have plenty of free time can afford to play games. They are fortunate enough to get good salaries or have someone to take care of their finances
The domain investor has to spend almost all her time writing articles to be able to pay for domain renewal expenses, or fighting the government financial fraud for the last 6 years.
She has almost no time for household chores and the room is very messy.
Hence playing escape games or similar activities are almost completely eliminated, if she had enough free time,she would put her room in perfect condition, before considering other activities.